TechLibrary is brought to you by Codergarten.

What is TechLibrary?
Techlibrary allows schools and families to borrow educational kits to explore programming and robotics.
We loan some of the very latest technologies like drones, Ozobot, Lego, etc at a far cheaper rate than it would cost the earth to buy.

Who should attend this event?
Parents with their kids, teachers, technology enthusiasts, geeks, young programmers, anyone who is interested to know more about STEAM learning are welcome to attend.

What are the launch and the showcase about?
This is the first showcase of the kits. The attendees will be able to see in action whats on offer in the library. We will be there to answer all your questions on how to become members of the TechLibrary, how to use the kits, when to return them, etc.

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