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What is the TechLibrary; and what is Codergarten?

Codergarten is a central Victorian company committed to sharing the programming and robotics skills critical to the Australia of tomorrow.
We offer workshops to students and members of the public using the latest and funnest technology on the market.

Our latest idea is TechLibrary. Techlibrary allows schools and individuals to borrow STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) based educational kits that would otherwise cost the earth to buy.
We loan some of the very latest programming and robotics technology kits at affordable prices.

Who can become members of the TechLibrary?

TechLibrary is suitable for children 6+ and fun for the entire family. Individuals with a special interest in latest educational technologies can also become members. It is also for people who wish to learn how to code. It is for geeks, it is for anyone and everyone with a curious brain. It is for schools and teachers.

So how does TechLibrary work?

TechLibrary will conduct a showcase first Saturday of each month, where individuals and families can see and explore all the educational kits of the library.

They can out a membership (Yearly, Quarterly or School holiday), then borrow their first kit and take it home.
After one month of discovering cool tricks, they return the product at the next showcase, pick the new kit and move onto the next exciting challenge.

What kind of kits can I get?

We carefully pick the kits for the members to explore and learn programming, robotics and STEM(Science, Technology, Engineering, Maths). Members get access to the new and the latest technologies that we introduce from time to time.

Why wouldn't I just buy this stuff outright?

The cost of buying some of the educational kits is very high and there are new products being introduced every few months leaving the older ones outdated. Borrowing the kits gives you a chance to explore all the latest kits without leaving a hole in your pocket.

The cost of buying some of the kits is quite high and imagine if it only gets used for a few weeks.

How do I join TechLibrary?

To become a member, you need to come to one of the showcase events which happens on the first Saturday of the month. All the kits of the library will be on display for you to explore on the day. Select a membership that is right for you and take the first kit home. Thereafter, you can come to other showcase events to return the old kit and take the new one home.

How long can I borrow the kit for?

You can borrow a kit for one month. The kit can be renewed once for one more month.

Can I get more than one product at a time?

At this stage, you can only borrow one kit at a time. All the kits are stand alone and a lot of wonderful projects can be created with each one.

Can adults use these kits?

Why not! In fact, we recommend parents and kids to collaborate to invent and innovate and challenge each other. Even adults can learn a lot from the kits.

Can my 3-year-old use these kits?

These kits are not meant for children between the age 0-5 as the kits contains small parts. Children between the age 6-9 need adult supervision.

Do I need any other tools, equipment or resources to start with the projects?

You will need a laptop, tablet or a phone with internet access for some of the kits.

Batteries are not included in some of the kits. You will need either AA, AAA or 9V batteries depending upon the kit you borrow.

For some kits you can create projects with contents in your house, like cereal boxes, straws, cardboard boxes, toilet paper rolls, spoons, fruits, silver foil, etc.

How much is the deposit?

A refundable deposit of $75 is charged when you become a member. The deposit will be refunded in full when the membership ends, less any breakages, shortages, damages, late return fees of the kits

How do I check if everything is in the kit before returning them?

A checklist is provided with each kit which must be filled out before returning the kit. Any damages, broken or lost parts, kits must be mentioned in it as well.

Some kits have many small parts; hence we recommend you to use the checklist prior to and after each use to keep track of the parts

Will I be fined for returning products late?

A fine of $2 per day will be charged for each day your kit is overdue.

What happens if this stuff is returned broken?

We do charge for broken parts or kits. The charges depend upon the cost of the part or the kit.

What if the kit or a part of the kit is lost?

If the part/kit is lost or damaged and cannot be repaired, you will be charged the full cost of the part/kit.

Why does my child need to know about this stuff?

Programming is an important skill for the 21st century. The tools we provide, will help them explore coding, tangible programming, robotics, electronics and a lot more. The different variety of kits will help your child develop analytical thinking, logical reasoning, step-wise thinking skills. These kits will push them to imagine and create wonderful inventions.